There are eggs in the carton.

He made an excuse just to suit the occasion.


He named his son John after his own father.

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Michel broke into my house.

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He began to fall in love with his co-worker Knut.

Dalton doesn't have to answer that.

Are you a lawyer?

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I check my mailbox almost every day.

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I'm not contradicting them.

Did you know Stephe got arrested three weeks ago?

Liz never told me anything.

Miltos seemed to know Hurf.

He says he avoided the danger by playing dead.

After lying down for a short while, my stomach ache calmed down.

I flood myself with light of the immense.

I'm buying fruit and chocolate.

Bjorne taught himself French.

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I plan to go to France next year.

Who would want to kill Leslie?

I tried to do that.

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The dead are gone and they cannot defend themselves. The best thing to do is to leave them in peace!

The choice has been made.

Do you have friends in Antigua?

You've been really decent to me.

The lock will have to be broken.


I doubt Charley will be surprised.

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The minutes were released Monday.

If Katsumi is not allowed to have his own way, he easily gets angry.

I think we'll reach Boston before dark.

The warden sent Dan back to solitary confinement.

She looked troubled by the news.

Alan is a poet.

I want to go to the same school that Prakash plans to go to.

I only need another few hours to finish this report.

Marci seems to understand what I say.


I have pain in my arm.

I'm talking about this pen, not that one over there on the desk.

Let's leave tomorrow morning.


One should do one's duty.

Can you follow me?

The owner wishes to rent the house.

I handed Blair the envelope.

Paul hasn't told me anything.

She had a passionate interest in music.

You have to leave the country today.

It will prove to be up to expectation.

I can handle it from here.


She's a modern girl.

He acted quickly and put out the fire.

Kimmo crammed everything into his suitcase.


Everyone's eating.

Stop spending so much time looking for love and spend more time working on yourself!

People love to inspect each other's houses.

You're forgetful.

Don't count on it.


Do we have to be so formal?

Where should I sit?

He loved to laugh and enjoy life.


I'll get one.

Patience has its rewards.

Casey thinks I'm still a kid.

I thought Morton was going to be in Boston last month.

Here today and gone tomorrow.

That's just common sense.

That didn't really make sense.

Nobody will believe that rumor.

He turned the steering wheel the other way about.

We still have time to evacuate.

I have drunken deep of joy, and I will taste no other wine tonight.

I think Rob used to live in Boston.

I'm sorry I had to cancel our date.

I pronounce you husband and wife.

I made a bad call.

It was definitely different.

I had gotten no sleep the night before, so I kept dropping off during the meeting.

Calm down! Don't get nervous!

I'm always listening to music; I can't live without it.

He plugged in the radio.

Until recently I have been an early riser for the last six years.

I need it yesterday.

What does this mean for Australia?

Miriamne would never kill anyone.

I'm used to having my own way.

His name is on the tip of my tongue.

The amoeba is a single-celled organism.


It is reported in the local news.

You haven't told Dawn you're married, have you?

Roland's a friend of his.


Mikey and Patrick mounted their horses.

One of her four sisters has passed away but the others are still with us.

The larger the amount of silver, the larger the amount of corruption.

You are requested not to smoke.

Rex hid behind the curtain and held his breath.

I could answer his question.

Despite being the antagonist in the movie, I liked her character.

He stuck his neck out for that idea, and now he's getting all the blame.

She kept from talking during the meeting.

She likes to smoke tobacco.

Do you know she's in the church?


I just wanted thirty dollars.


She removed the dishes from the table.

I can't believe I did it.

It is the place where there is no person in question, and you shouldn't say abuse.

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I hope Wayne will be very happy.

"Cuore" is one of those books whose periodic popularity will be assured whenever--as is certain to happen from time to time--the teaching of virtue to the young is revived.

She tried hard to express herself well.

Come here, John.

Hillel runs as fast as you.


We want to remain like we are now forever.


We'll take that under consideration.

How was your date last night?

That makes no sense at all.

I've had a show.

I'd be happy to cooperate.


I've just come up with a great idea.


His economical backing is secure.

This is the man that I see every day on the train.

He's poor, but he has a good soul.

Ron isn't selling anything.

"Look, a squirrel!" "Where? Show me!" "Right there in that tree. Can you find it?" "Oh, I see it now!"

No, I suppose not.

I went to a movie with Agatha a few days ago.

Please be specific.

He had to undergo many trials.

God listened to my prayers.

Why don't you hug me?

People usually know why they're laughing.

How can you break the news to her?


We listened to music yesterday.

Nothing is more delightful for me than to talk with him.

He was foolish enough to believe what she said.


We'll stop you.

Not knowing what to do, I stood there silently.

Time is wasting.


Is she faultless herself?


I like eating cake.

It was a divine intervention.

You can't enter that bookstore with your shirt off.

He placed himself in the middle of the street with a sign that said, "Free hugs."

How much did you guys spend?

Which son does his father love?

The classified documents were hidden.


He believed the merchant entirely.

Disconnect the power cable from the modem, wait for approximately one minute, then reconnect the cable.

Thou wilt come to the brawling stream, not falsely named.


You know that as well as I do.

Henry asked me to stay.

How's everybody at home?


He unzipped his pants.

He took the trouble to show me the way to the station.

Do you think it might cause sickness?


Maybe we shouldn't have gone to Manavendra's party last night.


She began to despair of success.

Harvey can swim much better than Kelvin can.

Whenever I see her, I remember her mother.


Benjamin sucked his thumb until he was three.

It was an honor.

Why aren't you working?


The boy is buying a dog.

That's what Joshua would say?

Antony is a retired dentist.


He was sick of eating candy.

I know what his name is.

Jeannie is an excellent attorney.